Careers Advice

As an experienced educator and entrepreneur within the music industry, Sam Sharp has a lot of experience helping people with careers advice, normally from his office and studio in Hackney. The following categories of people seem to be common in this line of work

Young People

Often initiated by parents of youngsters, the advice given here can help you set the goals you need to become involved in music in your area from a young age. Advice includes an assessment of where the child or teenager is up to, and a plan of action for further studies and activities. This might normally involve finding local groups to play with, recommending some private tuition, and can cover areas including instrumental acumen, composition, and studio skills.

Post College / University

Unfortunately it is very common for musicians to be overwhelmed by the choices and possibilities on offer when completing and undergraduate or postgraduate course: the stress, financial or otherwise, can become a distraction from clarity in planning and thinking. The approach is very much about why you went into music in the first place, followed by a plan of action to get the type of gigs and paid work you’d like to achieve.

Amateurs and Career Changers

Having successfully converted himself from semi-professional to full time professional musician, Sam is in an excellent position to guide people who need more music in their life to be happy, or who are looking to turn pro. The main focus here is in assessing where you are up to and then set realistic targets for your growth in amateur or professional circuits. You may be a singer looking to get gigs or record a demo, or a jazz musician looking to hone your skills and set up a band: whatever  your starting point, we’re here to help.