The Loose Wind Philosophy

The Loose Wind Studio is based in Finsbury Park, North London, under the watchful eye of producer, composer, and instrumentalist Sam Sharp. Our philosophy is that of the complete producer, we do so much more than just the engineering, and provide management of everything needed to complete your track, as you can see below.

Live Musicians

We specialise in creating the right working environment for your live takes, with a fair balance of encouragement and constructive criticism to ensure the best performance. This is particularly true when working with vocals, as the vibe and technique of the singer can have such a huge effect on the impact of the track. Out network of session musicians are only a phone call away to add the extra layers you may need to get to where you want to be.

Compositional Input

If needed, we will help you scan through your lyrics, arrange the song’s form, change the vibe with the right instruments / studio techniques, help write from scratch or based upon artists you like or previous tracks you have worked on. We have vast experience to help you develop your sound, groove, melodies, hooks and harmonic content.

Targeting The Music Industry

We have experience writing towards specific markets within radio and the music business generally, so can also have these discussions if needs be – it’s totally up to you how early on you want to think about commercial concerns vs artistic license. Above all we focus on creating a unique sound and vibe