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Welcome to the home of composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Sam Sharp, aka Lossy. You can find recent bits of news on this page below.

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Boot Cycle Audio

Sam has just launched a new label, Boot Cycle Audio, conceived as an outlet for the varied and eclectic side of his work, often based on live experiments on the stage and in the studio. The first release will be The River Solos EP: a set of solo synthesizer pieces inspired by watercourses within London, out on 11th May 2015.

Preview track snippets here

Lossy EP on Tessier-Ashpool Recordings

Sam has just signed an EP of dark electronic music under the name Lossy to techno label Tessier-Ashpool Recordings, run by producer Liar. The work features guttural, minimal, unique layers of sounds built up in simple arrangements designed for the dance floor.

The EP will be out in mid-April and you can hear a sneak peak track here

Microverse And Music Tech Fest

Sam is very excited to be working on a new collaboration with visual artist Strangers Are People Too. Entitled "Microverse", the piece features live visuals and looped audio including acid techno bass lines layered with orchestral brass, vintage synth sounds, saxophone and warped piano. They will be performing the piece at Music Tech Fest at LSO St. Lukes in London, and IRCAM in Paris.

More info and audio snippets here

Looping With Hollie McNish

Sam has recently been working with well-known poet Hollie McNish, for 2 gigs at the Rosemary Branch and Bush Hall in London. With millions of hits on YouTube, Hollie is one of the most talked about performers in the area of spoken word, and Sam joined her on stage using a mixture of traditional acoustic and cutting edge digital instruments.

You can see footage of them rehearsing here

Track On Football Focus

One of Sam’s tracks has recently been used on the BBC’s flagship football show, Football Focus. “Rain Came Down”, released under the artist name Lossy on Tru Thoughts Records, was part of a montage sequence on the programme which aired on BBC1 in a Saturday lunch time slot.

You can hear the track here

2 New Tracks: Motion Blur

Sam has had a real soft spot for film music and cinematic sonics of late, and this is reflected in his latest 2 tracks. Featuring piano, subtle electronics, and repetitive ostinato patterns, the idea was to capture the concept of "Motion Blur", and the notion of movement within stillness.

You can hear these tracks on show reel page here

Laura Mvula - Lossy Remix

Sam has just unleashed a brand new Lossy track, a remix of hit single "Green Garden" by the incredible Laura Mvula. The track was approved an posted online by Sony Music, and features an ambient post-dubstep vibe, with rich orchestral layers and upfront electronic beats. Laura is definitely one to watch over the next few months.
You can hear this track on show reel page, and on the "Mvula Remixed" soundcloud page here

Library Tracks Signed

As Sam builds his portfolio as a media composer, his first batch of compositions in this area have been snapped up by reputed library company Lift Music. The tracks cover a range of styles, with a bias towards music styles used on documentaries, including historical, scientific and mysterious works. Expect to hear these pieces on stations like the BBC, National Geographic and the History Channel in the near future.
You can hear example tracks on the show reel page here

Bass Station 2 Testing

As part of his work with various technology manufacturers, Sam has managed to get his hands on a pre-release version of Novation’s brand new monosynth, the Bass Station 2. A contemporary reworking of the original classic synth, Sam’s work involved putting the unit through its paces and reporting back with bug fixes and suggestions.
Read more about it here

2 Days, 4 Themes, 12 Tracks

Sam has just completed a brand new composition show reel, with an eye to library and synchronization music. He set himself the challenge of writing as many one minute pieces as possible in two days. The result was 12 tracks across 4 themes, covering a broad range of genres and styles, which would be suitable for many different applications and brands.
To hear this work, head to the show reel page here

Rattly And Raw Demos

Sam has just been commissioned to write some demo tracks for a new Kontakt sample library, The First Incarnation, produced by Rattly And Raw. The library includes an array of unique sounds, describe as “dirty, cheap, cranky, crusty little gems”.
The demos can be found here

Broken Tonic: Debut Tracks

Sam has teamed up with an old friend Rich aka Locksmith to form Broken Tonic: a brand new drum and bass project for 2013. The tracks feature a mix of live instruments and samples, which combine with jazz, soul and orchestral textures to result in a sound that can be linked to the liquid / intelligent d&b vibes of the late 90s.
Head to the soundcloud here to check it out.

New Lossy Remix

Check out Sam's latest work under his post-dubstep artist name, Lossy, here. This is a remix for new pop act, Mary At Midnight, and features the usual mix of atmospheric sounds, jazzy chords, intricate beats, and contemporary energy that has become synonymous with the Lossy sound. There are more remixes in the pipeline, and work on the debut album continues, following on from the successful release of early tracks by Tru Thoughts.

On Tour With We Are Augustines

The loose wind horns are currently touring with hotly tipped band We Are Augustines. Sam arranged the horns by ear straight from the album tracks, at short notice, and within no time the horns were booked up and on the road. Look out for the horn section at UK festivals this summer!
You can read more on We Are Augustines and their rapid rise here

Synth Layers For Roska

Sam's friendship with producer and DJ Roska continued recently, as Sam provided some fresh synth layers and inspiration for new album material. This work was done remotely: Roska sent through the work in progress skteches, to which Sam added synth layers, which were then sent back as audio stems and MIDI parts. Sam has also recently done this kind of work with Greymatter, Mumdance, and Zed Bias, as well as providing some sax work for up-and-coming dubstep producer, Will Power.
Head here for more on Roska.

Rite Of Bass Project

Sam has just performed with Justin Foster's Rite Of Bass project. Justin's work mixes up jazz, baltic sounds, and techno and a very original and intriguing way. The ensemble consists of a 8 piece band, combining electronic and acoustic instruments, and the gig was at the Tour De Force Studio, a bespoke space in Hackney. In addition to saxing, Sam was also on hand for some conducting / bandleading, and percussion too.
You can check out some of the sounds from Rite Of Bass here

The Voice Judges

Sam has been working with a couple of the big name judges from the BBC show, "The Voice". This was a horns section arranged and fixed by Sam, featuring sax and trumpet: they turned up at short notice and worked by ear / on the fly.
The finer details must be kept under his hat for now, but look out for some serious motown saxing on the radio in the near future.

Stephen Crowe Collaboration

Sam has just performed a new solo sax piece, "Mel Gibson vs Fender" by Stephen Crowe, at the Macbeth in Hoxton, as part of a night for the Nonclassical label, run by Gabriel Prokofiev. The piece was an experimental / contemporary classical offering, which combined traditional notation, improvisation and speech, particularly noteworthy for music being hidden in crisp packets and chocolate bars! Read more on Stephen Crowe here

Stooshe And Barry M Advert

Loose wind horns have just been working with hotly tipped girl band Stooshe, providing horns for this cheeky cover of "Things That Make You Go Mmm"...
This was a great example of turning up and using their skills to recreate a classic horn part from ear.
The track has been used on this Barry M advert, check it here

80s Sax Session

Sam has been working on a top secret comeback album from a HUGE 80s band. Sam is heavily featured in full on glam / 80s / alto sax. This was an intense 4 hour session, much 80s sweat was generated, with a whole mix of riffs and solo sections, written jointly by Sam in the executive producer.
Not much more can be said at this point...

Angry Birds Horns

In addition to a recent ad for Asda, our horns have also recently featured on a T-Mobile "behind the scenes" video, recreating the angry birds theme tune in some fruity flavours. These include baltic / drunken brass, new orleans funk, and a few other styles, all recorded as a section on the client site.
Check the video out here

Beverkey Knight Keys Session

You can check out some jazz/soul keys from Sam on Beverley Knight's latest album Soul UK. On this particular session, Sam was asked to recreate the intricate jazz harmonies found on a time-stretched version of the original track, flexing his ears to the max.
You can hear the results on "Say I'm Your Number One",
check it here

Dekata Project's New Single: My People

"My People" by Dekata Project, Sam's soulful / UK Funky project, is out now!
The new track has a new soulful funky house flavour, along with remixes from Greymatter, Toby ioi and Zed Bias, and has been played on 1xtra, Kiss, Rinse and all the usual dance stations.
Find this and all of the Dekata Project releases to date on the soundcloud here

Loose Wind Horns And Phil From Radiohead

Out now at all good record stores, check out the Loose Wind Horns on Philip Selway's album "Familial", on the track "A Simple Life".
It's fair to say that working with Phil in Radiohead's studio was a real milestone for the section, and an utter pleasure throughout.
We provided a 3 piece section of sax, trumpet and trombone.
Here is the album on iTunes

Beds And Beats Library Project

We've just spent a week knocking out all kinds of horns for fantastic music library, Beds And Beats. We delivered a whole range of tracks including saxes, trumpet, trombone, french horn, clarinet, flute and even a touch of oboe for good measure. All this work was done remotely, at Loose Wind Studios, working to guide tracks and then delivering the edited stems back to the client.
Check out samples here

4,3,2,1 Soundtrack Horns

A while back, we recorded horns for Peter Conway's "Union Exchange" album, working at the courtyard studios in Oxfordshire. We're delighted to announce that the track "Dont Look Back", appears in the film 4,3,2,1 by Kidulthood directors Noel Clarke and Mark Davis. This features a full 4 piece section in sizzling motown mode, arranged by Peter on the day.
More on the film here