The Remote Studio

The studio itself is based in Finsbury Park, North London. Despite our physical location, we often work with producers and bands from around the world to provide remote solutions with a quick turnaround.

Here’s how it works:

Sample Recreation

We are increasingly asked to recreate samples for djs, producers, and bands. This involves paying homage to a sample you send to us, recreating the vibe and instrumentation, and changing the content enough from the original so that you don’t have to pay royalties or go through the often painful copyright process.

The Gear

Our philosophy is very much to acquire a small amount of choice equipment to achieve the professional results we are after: quality, not quantity. Having consulted some of London’s top producers, we invested in a top set of mics, preamps, desks, and other toys, along with the usual mix of effects units and VSTs you would expect in a modern studio set up. We also have links with other studios to suit your requirements, e.g. for larger live rooms, mix downs or mastering.

The Working Environment

Our studio is a comfortable and uncluttered space in a busy complex of studios, the perfect creative environment for your project. There is a kitchen and lounge for relaxing in between sessions, along with a whole host of local restaurants and bars to clear your head at the end of a hard day’s work.