Band Musicians

In addition to our horn section, we can also help fix a whole range of musicians for your live band, range from one or two extra band members through to arranging and booking your full live band from scratch. Musicians available include vocals, drums, bass, guitars, keys, percussion, woodwind, brass, strings, and pretty much anything you could think of. Our network of musicians are all trained at the top conservatoires to undergrad degree standard as minimum.

As with our horns, we would normally work with demos / released work in advance, or can turn up on the day and add what you are looking for. We have a full team of people who are experienced in musical directing and arranging for music across all genres and ensembles, including horns, strings, rhythm sections, up to and including big band and orchestral work.

In addition to the more traditional live work, we are equally comfortable working with technology, often combining laptop / synth work with live musicians. We also have a number of contacts in the club and DJ scenes, so can do live PAs / collaborations in this area too, or DJ at your event if needs be.